5 Ways to know if she/he is flirting

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5 Ways to know if she/he is flirting

Want to know if she/he is flirting! It is not so easy to tell whether a guy is flirting you. A person can flirt with you by being good towards you or by simply avoiding you or by being a little bit mean. When you are sure that a person is really in you, he or she might suddenly provide you. the cold shoulder or may send you the mixed signs. However, there are many things that you must necessarily consider that will help you to figure whether he or she likes you or not.

See how he or she acts around others

If he or she acts flirtatious, it means that there is something he likes about you. If the person is flirty with all means he or she is naturally charismatic and charming. The next when you hang out with him or her and others are also there so see the way he or she commutes with all. If you find the guy talking to all in the same manner that means a guy is not truly flirting with you.

See  the guy breaks the touching barrier

If the person likes you, then she/he will look for an excuse to touch you as a person would like to get closer to you. Might be the guy lingers the hand near your when passing you something you want, a person may put hands-on back or just sit extra closer to you so your feet touch. If you found one always looking for the opportunity to touch, you are probably getting flirted.

See whether you get teased

Teasing is the biggest way that a person can flirt with you. If he makes fun of you lightly for the cloths, for your walking style or any other things that he thinks are adorable then you are 100% getting flirted. If you feel that the person is giving you the hard time and is also pointing out some of the mistakes of your then the guy is interested in you and is obviously flirting with you. As he or she is paying attention to you to all the things that you do, he or she is trying to come closer to you.

If you are presented a small gift

A guy might present you the small gifts like a wristwatch, chocolates, greeting card, fresh flowers, pen, this is the way that guy is flirting and showing that the person pays attention to you and to know what you are and about your likes and dislikes. The person is thoughtful and doesn’t want to scare you off with the grander gift if unsure that you really like it or not.

If one turns body towards you, flirting is on

Turning the body towards one comes in a body language. If one turns the shoulder, feet, arms towards you, when talking instead of turning the body away from you, it means a person is keeping eye on you. This is done possibly to come closer and want to get closer and closer to you from time to time.

These are the ways to know whether you are being flirted or not.

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