How to know if he/she likes you – 7 Easy Tips

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How to know if he/she likes you?

You want to know if How to know if he/she likes you  ? Whether you guys agree or not but often in the romantic encounter, you may ask the question “How to know if someone likes me?” but there are many ways and signs to know either he/she likes you or not. We can say easily either someone likes you or not by their body language. But for many guys, it is incredibly impossible to figure out that if someone likes them or not. These situations are very much uncomfortable if the other person doesn’t have a feeling for you. Many guys are unable to catch the opposite gender signs. To know the feeling you just have to pay attention to him/her. According to a psychologist if someone like you, they generally find excuses to watch you and have eye contact.

Here are ways to know if he/she likes you or not:

Eye Contact

This is the universal way to communicate for both either He/She. If you both hold eye contact for moments and suddenly give away, this is the way which creates mutual attraction, mutual interest and wider people increases their feelings. If someone maintains mutual eye contact then that is sensible he/ she like you.


He/ She Compliments you regularly

If the opposite gender frequently compliments about your personality, clothes, looks or anything, then it is the amazing sign that he/she likes you. It doesn’t matter what he/she compliments, but if it goes on a long duration then it is yes, he/she has some feelings for you.


If he/she chats you 

If someone comes online for you then yes he/she likes you. A better conversation is much important to detect the sign. Social chats and checking out his/her profile is much helpful to draw a better conclusion.


If he introduces to his close friends

If he takes you out with his friends and introduces you to his /her close friends, it is a great indication. If he takes you out with his friends and introduces you to his /her close friends, it is a great indication. It is a clear sign that he has some best feelings for you. And, you are more than the friend to him.


If they share their problems

If someone shares his problem with you then it reveals that he trusts you. Then it is excellent for both you that you are in same stage. Trust creates the feelings to believe someone; it indicates that he like you.


They ask you about your past life

If someone is curious to know your past life, than they are happy to know all about you. In these aspects, they are in your life and they too think about your future. And this is another relation across the friend.


They make plans for you

If someone is adding you in his/her circle than that is a great indication of feelings. Unless without you they don’t plan anything for holidays or weekends. Then you are important in his/her life more than the friend.


In this new generation, it is incredibly difficult and easy to detect feeling either by action or body languages. For some it is easy but for many of them, it is too difficult. Unless you get a clear hint from the opposite gender just don’t react much.


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