Falling in love – The 5 signs

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Signs of falling in love

Are you falling in love ? If you are thinking, you are falling in love with someone then you know the feeling that you get when you have love. When you are falling in love with someone then your feeling changes for that person. You want to know what they are doing and where they are. You are constantly messages and call them and you suddenly change your behavior after looking at that particular person.  You care about someone likes and dislikes and wear clothes to impress them. The feeling of love is hard to express and understand. Here you will read some clear signs that will help you that you are falling in love or not. So let’s began.

You are happy and a wee bit nervous

When you are in love then this time you are actually a happier person.  The thought of spending time with your partner increases your happiness twice. When you go outside with them you click many selfies both together and these memories are enough to make you happy when you are alone at home. But at the same time, you are nervous too because you are thinking about your future with them. You don’t want to lose this person and relationship and want to be with them always.

Everything feels exciting and new

When you are in love, you are too excited to do things with your partner no matter how many times you have done this before. Many couples want to go to movies and for dinner date, and planning to go nearest fast food restaurant, etc. You start liking this thing that you hate that like watching sports games and many more but for your partner, you watch this show and you change your perception.

Your relationship feels easy

When you are literally in love then you find time to spend with your partner and don’t make any excuses. In every relationship argue and bicker is common but in this situation, you give priority to your relationship rather than your ego and attitude. You lose the bicker because you don’t want to lose your partner and can’t live without them.

Think about this person all the time

When you love someone then you think about your partner all the time. For the last few hours if you don’t talk to them then you call and text them to know about your partner. When you love your partner you are emotionally, physically and mentally connected with them. If you go to a shop to buy any stuff for you then you always try to buy stuff for your partner too and give them a surprise. You are affectionate to your partner and want to them every single second with you.

You get jealous

It is natural when you get a little bit natural but it becomes dangerous when you obsessing and very possessive for your partner. You always check their phone to make your relationship healthy. Sometime you want that your partner should not talk to someone else.

This article was all about how you can know that you are in love or not.

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