How to ask for a Guy’s Number – 5 Easy way

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How to ask for a Guy’s Number ?

Want to know How to ask For a Guy’s Number ? Asking for a guy number isn’t in trend, right? It has always been a trend where a guy supposes to ask for your number. However, it isn’t the rule, and girls need to be bold enough to make a move. Many girls want to know how they can get the guy’s number without looking desperate. Well, there are many ways to be in the guy’s contact list and here are they:

Take help of social media

It is tough to ask for the phone number face to face. Thanks to social media, we can connect with the desired person and have a conversation with them. Therefore, if your crush is in your friend list, then start having a conversation with them. You don’t have to jump straight into their inbox but start with likes and comments.

Moreover, message them and ask for their number after a few days. In general, guys give their number to the girl if they like them. Therefore, the conversation seems to get you the crush number quickly.

Send flirtiest memes

You are not asking for the number directly bit indirectly. On social media, tag him on the meme you have posted. Moreover, you can send them in their inbox, as well. In this way, they will get this hint that you might like them, and they will ask for the number. Many times, boys don’t make the first move because they aren’t sure how are you going to react. Therefore, if you like someone, then dropping hints to them becomes essential. Besides this, you can also send them memes like “can I get your number”?

Ask face to face

I know this one required guts, and you need to be daring. Moreover, the tip is not for an introvert and shy people. However, these days, many girls have started asking for the number directly from the boys. Furthermore, girl’s uses different tricks to get the guy number like ask the number for clearing study related doubts, etc. Besides this, it is not a bad thing because guys never say for number when a girl asks them. Therefore, you can ask them to provide their number for having some work-related or essential conversation.

Take the help of your friend

The easiest way to get a number is via a friend of yours. You can ask your friend for help like hide your phone somewhere and then make your crush dial the number. Moreover, the person’s name might be in your classmate’s group. These days, every class and office has a group chat so you can get the number from there.

Start conversation

Asking a stranger for a number isn’t sound cool; therefore, start being friends with your crush. Moreover, have a small conversation in the beginning, and when you guys get friendly, ask for their number. Besides this, if someone knows the crush, then tell him to give your number and give some reasonable excuse to contact you.

How to ask For a Guy’s Number The context of getting guys numbers is beneficial. You can be with your crush and have a conversation with him if you use the above tips.

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