How to Flirt With a Girl – Best tips

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General Tips for How to Flirt With a Girl

How to Flirt With a Girl ? Any girl looks forward to a good time in her relationship. A good moment can make you laugh together. Therefore god sense of humor is an important possession for a boy in a relationship. And the quickest way to learn is to learn how to flirt with a girl in a good way. That can make her smile and laugh at you. It takes a dew amount of practice to learn the trade.

One needs to understand when to use humor while a conversation that looks like a flirt. If you have noticed that a girl is not paying attention to what you are saying then bring her back by a flirty joke. In this article, we have managed to come up with a flirting process through which you can keep the attention of your girl at you.

Approach her

This is probably the most challenging part of the process. You can think of numerous reasons why she would talk to you and why she wouldn’t. This might be because you are shy or inexperienced in flirting with a girl. Hence before time passes by its better to go and talk to her. Another way of approaching a girl is with a smile or eye contact. This is also equally efficient. Sometimes eyes can convey the desired message and can spill the magic on her.

Compliment her

Any girl likes compliments from her men. It is one of the common ways to flirt. In this, you can use cheesy words. You like her that is why you want to flirt with her. And you like her because of many qualities that you have founder wonderful in her. A girl always likes to hear it from her love mate. So compliment her about her dressing sense, her hairstyling, and color, about her eyes, her voice, etc. This can make her blush in front of you and you can get a clue of what does she feel about you?

Make her laugh

The casualness of flirting is one of the most enjoyable parts of any relationship. Flirting is fun if you do it with positive connotations with appropriate touch and words. She would love you if you are humorous while flirting with her. For example, give her a silly name or tease her for something funny you know about her. This would make her laugh at what you say and the bond between both of you will become stronger.

Importance of touch

If you think it is appropriate and both of you have developed a relationship wherein you can touch her then it is a good way of her noticing your intents. But you should keep in mind that your actions should be within social limits. You can start by a hug, and then sometimes you can caress her cheeks and her. This would be a magical moment when you caress her cheeks and look into your eyes. This can be a binding block in the development of your relationship.

So these are the tips that you can use while flirting with a girl. These are efficient and legal ways of developing a conversation and a love relation. We believe it would help many of our readers in their love lives.


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