How to flirt with a Girl – Easy Tips

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How to flirt with a Girl – Easy Tips

Do you want to impress the girl you like? If yes, then flirting is the best way to start the conversation and get close to her. Moreover, flirting makes you realize whether or not the other person is interested in you. Therefore, flirting seems a friendly yet effective way to someone’s heart. In this context, we will learn some useful tips on flirting. Let’s get started and learn How to flirt with a Girl !

Approach her

It seems likes a difficult task, but approaching is easier than you think. You may be feeling anxious about making a move, but it’s ok. Moreover, control your anxiety and approach the girl with a simple “Hi.” When she replies, start a little conversation like how’s the weather?

Furthermore, ask about the hobbies or what is she doing at that place? In other words, any question that can seem to start a good conversation is good. However, do not ask personal questions like about boyfriend as it makes you sound cheesy. It even makes you look needy, which is very unattractive.

Compliment her

Everyone likes to get a compliment, especially girls. Girls put a lot of effort into looking presentable, and when you compliment them, they feel good. Therefore, complimenting your crush is also like flirting, as it makes you seem interested in it. Moreover, there is a difference between seems interested and desperate. While complimenting, use words like beautiful and gorgeous and avoid words sexy. When you don’t know someone, you can’t tell them that they are sexy straight into their faces. Also, you can compliment her beautiful eyes, styling sense, or the dress she wears.

Make her laugh

Girls like funny guys as they love to smile on their jokes, of course, when they are right. Therefore, whenever you are around, your dream girl, try to be funny. However, don’t try lame jokes or work hard to make her laugh. Girls always get the guy who tries hard to impress her, and thus, you need to be low-key in limits. At first, have a conversation and then start teasing her in the right way. Moreover, try to give her a funny nickname or in a silly way, stereotype her. However, keep this thing in mind that never says something offensive or personal for the girl.

Initiate a touch

Now, this tip isn’t for everyone, especially those who are scared being around girls. Therefore, this one requires a little practice. Whenever you meet a girl, we usually shake hands and have a light hug if the person is familiar with us. So, how to touch a girl properly? You can tap on her shoulder or lightly touch her hand when you pass by her. Moreover, you can put your hand on her lower back or slightly tease her by tapping on her shoulders. Such type of slightly touching sparks electricity in her boy, and girls won’t mind that as well.


How to flirt with a Girl ? The above tips on flirting with a girl help you get the women you have been admiring for. However, do consider the other person’s comfort before doing anything. As you know, some people are introvert.

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