How to Flirt With a Guy – Easy Tips

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How to Flirt With a Guy – Easy Tips

How to Flirt With a Guy ? Flirting can be a difficult thing for many people as you may end up embarrassing yourself in front of yourcrush. However, it isn’t difficult as well, especially for girls to flirt around guys. Therefore, we are goingto learn tips on how to flirt with a guy. So, even if you are an introvert, these tips will work on every guy.Moreover, it will let you get the guy

of your dream. Let’s get started.

Keep smiling

Do you know guys love a girl who keeps smiling at them? I know it sounds fundamental, but it doeswork. While talking to a guy, keep a small smile on your face and take an interest in his words.Moreover, whenever you see your crush passing by you, say “Hi” with a beautiful smile. Besides this,when you have to attract a guy, start with “hi.” There is no need to go for long conversations in thebeginning.

Look presentable

Doesn’t it mean that you have to get an hourglass figure to impress guys? It simply means that you wearbeautiful clothes and pays little attention to your looks. Moreover, wear perfume as men like the sweat feminine smell, and it is attractive to them. Besides this, when you are around guys, try to stand upright and make eye contact with them.

Don’t look away when they catch you staring

It happens with almost all of us, but you can make it a classy moment rather than embarrassing.
Therefore, when next time your crush catches you staring at him, don’t look away. Instead of it, smileback or else wink. It makes you look confident, and the guy also thinks that it is just a good look. Besides this, it will make you look confident, and it can give you a chance to talk to him as well.

Be obvious sometimes

Guys like when a girl flirts with them, especially when they make it look obvious. So, when next time you bump into someone accidentally or on purpose, say sorry. However, the sorry isn’t going to be genuine but the flirty one. How to do it? Well, just exaggerate your apology, and then the guy will get it in no time. Guys are brilliant, and they get such things easily, unlike girls.

Compliment them

The best way to flirt with someone is to compliment them. Whenever you see your crush wearing
something new or look extra good today, then praise them. At first, you may feel hesitation but be confident and do it. Moreover, it isn’t only about clothes; even if they do something extraordinary, pass a compliment. You need to find a way to talk with them, and small compliments are the way to big conversation.


How to flirt with guys ? The question may seem difficult to answer for many girls, but trust me being a girl make things easy. Unlike guys, you don’t have to try hard, plus the above tips are easy to follow as well. Therefore, try them and see its magic.

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