How to get a girl’s number – Easy Tips

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How to get a girl’s number

Want to know How to get a girl’s number ? Do you have a crush on a girl? Have you started talking to her, not yet then you must take the first step to approach her? First thing is to do is to get her number that what most of the boys think. Well, for some it’s quite easy because they are too confident about it while others are not. There is always a way to get her number, for example, you can ask her friend. Likewise, there are many more ways to get her number. If you are confused about it then we have come up with some exciting ways. Check them here and take the first step towards your love journey.

Some way to get a girl’s number

Ask to her friend

This is the best way to get your crush mobile number. You can talk to her best friend and impress her when you ever feel that you won her belief then say her that you want your crush’s number. If you are also a best friend of her friend then she can easily give her number and in this way, you don’t need to take so much trouble. This is a very simple way that maybe through her friend you also talk to your crush many times and when you call her she easily identifies you and starts talking to you.

Search on social media

Today many social media applications available that help you to get a girl’s number. Many girls added the mobile numbers on her account details and when you search her on social media site then you can easily find that. But if she doesn’t add numbers then send her friend request and message her. You can talk here and send messages to her that you want to get her number.

Say straight forward

If you both are known already to each other when you meet outside or collage or office anywhere you can also talk her before that. Many a time a girl also seems interested in you and she also wants to talk to you but hesitates to ask your number. If you fully win her trust and she trusts you then in this situation you can ask for her number straight forward.

Reasons why you need to get girls number

There are many reasons to get a girl’s number. Maybe you both are working on the same project and you need to talk to her regarding the project. Maybe she is your colleagues and you approach her to coffee or lunch but you don’t have her number. Then to make connections with her for lunch plan or meeting you can also ask her a mobile number. If you are new in the city and you never know anyone but she is your old friend and you don’t have her number because she changed her mobile number.  Here some little reasons to ask her number but the most important if you have a crush on any girl then first impress her and then get her number.

I hope this article will help you and after reading this article, get a girl’s number is just like a cakewalk for you.

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