How to get your Ex Back – 5 Best Tips

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How to get your Ex Back

How to get your Ex Back ? Break-ups are painful as they leave someone hopeless and tension. If you ever had a break-up or going through it, then you know that getting over your ex is difficult. In this case, you need lessons on how to get your ex back. As you know, things get complicated when the break-up is called off by one person while the other one is still in love. However, there are ways to convince your ex to be back with you. You can make them again the part of your life. Therefore, in this context, we will see what one can do to make their ex chasing them back again. Let’s start the guide.

Go for No Contact

You may hear about this brilliant strategy of no contact where you have to cut off communication from your ex for 30 days. I know many of you are thinking about what kind of idea is this? If you stop contacting them, then they quickly forget you or might get into a new relationship. However, the reality is different, as this technique mentally affects your ex. We, humans, love to have control over things, especially when it comes to ex. Yes, they have broken with you, but their ego is still there. Many times, ex gets mad when you stop paying attention to them, even after the break-up.

Moreover, the technique has other physiological effects on them. Once you get into no contact period, they start wondering what happens, why are you doing this? In short, they start craving for the attention they aren’t getting from you now. Furthermore, they miss you message them, and then they will experience how life is going without you? Therefore, do use this method and trust me; it works every time and on everyone.

Work on yourself

After getting into no contact period, the next thing to do is to work on yourself. As you know, a break-up doesn’t happen suddenly as there are some conflicts between you and your partner. Moreover, the biggest reason for break-up in many relationships is “loss of interest. I know it sounds very rude, but that’s the reality. When the other person loses interest in you, then they go for break-up and end relationship with you. Therefore, you need to work on you inside out to get your ex back. Work on the habits that lead to break up and try to fix it over the period of no contact.

Besides this, try to improve your appearance, and the best way to do it is to hit the gym. Moreover, exercise releases happy hormones and keep you stable in this hard time. Thus, it is going to make a different person when next time you confront your ex. Keep in mind that guys always want the attainable person, and once you become a way, they will accept you. Also, this no contact period helps you to focus on yourself rather than focusing on your ex activity. It is essential to avoid stalking their social media account during this period. If you want him back, then work on yourself.

 Don’t beg or plead

The biggest mistake people do is to beg and plead their ex to take them back. Never do that; otherwise, you are screwing your chances of getting back together. Moreover, being needy doesn’t look good and present you in the bad light. I know it is difficult to control your emotions when you lost your love, but you have to avoid this mistake at any cost. Have you noticed that we don’t want to talk to those who try hard to impress us? Why? Well, simply because they look needy and we don’t like such people. Just like that, your ex isn’t going to come back if you beg them.

Moreover, begging isn’t going to work on your ex because he has made his mind to end this relationship. Then what should you do? Well, when they want to break-up, give them and start following the above two steps. I know both of them are hard to follow, but if you want your ex then that’s the only way. Work on yourself and show them what they have lost.

Keep your temper under control

Break-ups aren’t always gone right as there is a lot of drama involved in it. In such a situation, we lost our temper and said words to each other that we don’t want to say. Therefore, at such a delicate time, try to be calm and don’t say such words that you regret later. Moreover, if you are being bitchy about your ex in front of everyone then, he isn’t going to back with you. Keep in mind that such things won’t help and make it worse. During a break-up, you are surrounded by many thoughts and insecurities, and that is ok. However, when you start reacting negatively, then things start getting worse.

Besides this, you don’t have control over your ex or on whatever he does in his life. Therefore, stop trying to figure out him and work on yourself instead. The entire no contact period is going to be tough, but that’s the best way to give him space. Trust me; this is going to help.

Do not jump into a rebound relationship

Many times, we get into rebound relationships to ease the pain of a break-up. Well, that won’t last well, plus it isn’t a great idea. Moreover, being with someone doesn’t help you to get over your ex. If you love someone, then you are going to miss them. Therefore, avoid this mistake at any cost rather than try to be a new person physically and mentally. Keep in mind that after a break-up, you need some time for yourself as well. Thus, invest in yourself, and once you become desired again, your ex won’t be able to resist you.


The above question has many answers, but the above-listed tips are the best.  Yes, they aren’t easy, but getting back an ex has never been any easy work. Therefore, be strong and love yourself before loving someone else. Moreover, it will help you to know How to get your ex back.

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