How to Kiss ? – Best Tips for Beginners

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How to Kiss ? – A Useful Guide for Beginners

How to Kiss ? Kissing is one of the best ways to express your love. Moreover, people tend to start their intimate moments by kissing each other. Whether it is your first kiss or you want to be good in this, the guide is going to help you. Besides this, types of kisses vary as well, and every person has different preferences when it comes to intensity. Some like rough while others like soft kisses. If you are a good kisser, then it will give you confidence and control over your partner while getting intimate. Moreover, it makes your partner comfortable because you will take care of his/her comfort as well. Therefore, we are going to teach some basics of kissing. Stick with us.

Keep your breath fresh

People tend to carry mouth fresheners on their first date. However, when they get comfortable, they stop doing it.  It doesn’t matter if you guys are kissing for the first time or not; do take care of your breath. Moreover, no one likes stinky breath even if it is your, partner. To keep your breath fresh, make sure you brush properly and don’t eat something that causes bad breath. Besides this, bad breath sometimes can be due to alcohol consumption or smoking. So, do take care of it and use mouth fresheners.  Do make sure that your partner won’t feel disgusted while kissing you; otherwise, it will spoil the intimate moment. While being intimate, even if it is, kiss hygiene is essential.

Ask for Consent

You can’t go around kissing people; you need the consent of the other person. Whether it is about hookup or kissing your partner, you need their permission. Moreover, you need to ask, “can you kiss her? To your partner as well because it shows thatyou respect the boundaries. It is more like being gentlemen. Besides this, consent makes sure that your partner or the other person is ready for being in this intimate situation. Many times, even your partner might not be in the mood and don’t want to do it. If this is the case, then neither you nor she is going to enjoy kissing. Therefore, always ask for permission before locking lips with each other.

Importance of setting

What is the right place to kiss? Well, it depends on you and your partner’s preference. Some people like to keep it private, and thus they prefer a home or secret place. While others might not have a problem in locking lips publicly. Therefore, you need to figure out what your partner likes and then act accordingly.

Moreover, some people like their first kiss to be extraordinary. Thus expect their partners to do something special before that. Well, if it is someone’s first kiss, then planning a beautiful or unusual scene is a good idea. In this way, you will make that moment memorable, and it will be in your partner’s mind forever.

Know what your partners want

As I have told you before that everyone has different tastes when it comes to intimacy, especially kissing. Moreover, if it is your partner’s first kiss, then teaching her the best way to make the movement steamy. It sounds very romantic and intimate to show your partner how to kiss, right? In general, the experienced one or the excellent kisser tends to take control. Therefore, start kissing slowly, sucking each other’s lips, and then use your tongue in between. Ask your partner to do the same, but before they show how to do it. Trust me, teaching makes it very interesting and make it tenfold sexier for both of you.

Pay attention to your partner

Many times partners don’t show what they want, especially if they are new to this thing. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to their movements. It is best to start slow, keep an eye on what is your bae is doing, and then do the same thing back. Well, everyone’s preference is different, but girls in general like soft, passionate kiss rather than a rough one. However, some girls like the opposite, so it is better to figure out what is their preference. Moreover, start copying them, and if they respond with excitement, then it means yes. Your partner’s body language can tell you what they want?

Keep it simple

The best part about a kiss is that you don’t have to put a lot of effort. Therefore, don’t complicate it and keep it simple. Many people mess up things to make the kiss look sexier, but it is a big mistake. Keep in mind that you guys want to feel it and not shooting a movie.

Moreover, good kissers’ starts slow and then try out moves. It is important to note that your partners’ preference also matters. The other person should feel good as well and thus what they like matters. Besides this, when you guys get comfortable with each other, it comes naturally, and you don’t have to try hard. To make it more steamy, use your tongue while kissing and ask your partner to imitate your moves.

Stay away from hickey

A person who likes to kiss roughly tends to leave hickeys on their partner. Well, it is not bad if your partner likes it, but sometimes it just doesn’t right. Moreover, people try to do mouth vacuum on their first kiss and leave bruises on the partner’s neck. However, try to avoid it and be gentle on your bae neck and lips. Yes, you can nibble, but keep it gentle so that you can’t freak that person out. Besides this, it won’t make your partner feel like a victim if she doesn’t have many intimate experiences with you.


Being a good kisser isn’t difficult, but it is all about starting and doing the right thing. Therefore, consider above “how to kiss” and make your intimate moments memorable. Moreover, try to be gentle and not rough with your partner if they don’t like it. Keep it simple, try some new moves if you want, and try to keep it classic.

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