How to Lucid Dream – Best techniques you can use

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How to lucid dream – Best techniques you can use

How to lucid dream ? A lucid dream is one that many people experience once a while. However, constantly, lucid dreams are an art reserved for the special in the minority. The lucid dreaming supporters claim that it is a real-world application that offers good benefits like eliminating anxiety, creativity boosting and also helping them work out to a problem in a better way. Also, lucid dreaming is used for helping one in treating recurring depression, nightmares, and PTSD.

For one lucid dream is now easier. But it requires some practice. Currently, it is estimated that people about 20% have got mastered lucid dreaming. If you would like to join them then it is essential that you at first become informative all about a lucid dream. So keep on reading the post now.

Lucid dreaming is an act in which a person dreaming is well known that he or she is in the state of dreaming. The figure varies between 50%-80% of people who have reported experiencing this at least once in a while. Mostly the people awaken from it, but it is the act of staying into the dream state and walking all around it.

However, this act goes further than and dreamers might use some techniques for manipulating the brains for dreaming about an issue. As one float off to sleep, he or she may think of the challenging work problem they haven’t worked on.

In such a way the people involved in lucid dreaming trains the mind to work towards the aim when they are sleeping, like enhancing athletic ability or confidence. For instance, one with social trouble may use it for playing out various social conditions and permitting themselves for practicing engaging with others and see that nothing frightening exists. However, after putting into the practice in lucid dreaming, they may feel stronger about trying those techniques in reality.

Also, the lucid dreamers open up the mind for being creative, by discovering the dreams that are experienced instead of passively discovering those. They can make creative links and analysis of how the thing works.

Learn to lucid dream

Make the bedroom a hospitable for dreaming

During the REM dream occurs, the end-stage of the sleep cycle that happens in raising the amount in the second half of a night. For enjoying dreams one must enjoy restful sleep to make sure that he/she gets much REM. For getting a night of good sleep, follow better sleep hygiene and keep your room quiet, dark and cool. Using blackout curtain or eye mask, earplug for avoiding hearing noise will be a lot useful. Just before getting to the bed tracks on calming bedtime habit and involve in restful activities like taking a warm bath or doing meditation.

Identify the dream signs

Don’t simply record a dream, review the dream journal regularly and look for any prototypes. Do the themes or people show up again? Those might give you an approach to the type of concern that your insider mind is paying attention to. It will help you in identifying when you are dreaming. If you are well aware of dream signs, faster you can identify when in a dreaming state.

Many more ways are there on how to lucid dream, for now, you can try the discussed ones.



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