How to propose a boy – 7 Easy Ways

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How to propose a boy

You don’t know how to propose to a boy ? If you want to propose your partner and you don’t know how to propose and impress them and don’t worry my dear friend. Here we are to discuss about some interesting ideas of how you can propose your loved ones. This is the 21st century so don’t wait that boys propose you. If you have really loved him then it is enough and it is the right time to tell him and express your feeling. You can say to him “love you” via messages, phone calls, but this is a very simple way. When you propose your partner by making a wonderful plan then he is really happy. So let’s start how you can make a plan to propose a boy for marriage or beginning a relationship.

Some idea how to propose boy

Before giving him a surprise and propose him, first, you should know about all his likes and dislikes and choose the best day and time to propose your partner.

A romantic dinner date

If your crush is romantic then this is the best idea to propose him. Choose the best and favorite restaurant of your partner and order all the food of his choice. You can buy a bouquet of red rose and getting down the knee and propose your partner. If you propose him to marry then add the most important thing that is a ring.

Surprise movie night

If your crush really loves to watch a movie then you can make a movie plan with him. Choose the place that is your crush’s favorite and watch the latest movie. You can propose him in the interval or after the movie end.

Intimate messages

You can make a handmade card or short note for expressing your feeling. If you don’t propose him in front of him then at the last of your meeting give the note of your crush.

Surprise him with your insane love

You can make a card of “52 reasons why I love you” think about the reasons why you love him and write down the notes. You can stick these notes on the wall or you can make a small diary. And buy one red rose and chocolate for your crush. This is really valuable surprise for your loved ones.

Choose the best gift

However, choosing the gift for boys is too difficult but without the gift, your surprise may not be as effective as it could be. You can buy your crush’s favorite color shirt for your crush,  you can buy his favorite brand watch, you can buy the stuff that is need of your crush but due to some reasons he don’t go for shopping. You can give him a gift that reminds you of your crush.

Plan outing

If you want to make his day special and feel special then you can plan a whole day outing. You can go to the park, malls, restaurants, etc which is a favorite place of your crush. You can propose him to the mall and park and express your feeling of love.

So now, I hope you will find a way to propose your crush. Choose any one way and make his day very special.

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