How to talk to girls

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How to talk to girls

We all understand that talking to a girl can be a mystery for someone and misery for another. Especially if you are shy then it can be an uphill task for you. In the current age of technology, many kids havegrown up more with technology gadgets than their friends. For such people, it becomes even moredifficult to strike a conversation in real. It is a struggle that can turn worse so it always better to improveas soon as possible. We are talking generally but it does not mean that you should start talking to anygirl randomly. You should gear up to talk to a girl you like.
If you talk to a pretty girl then it can make you nervous, but if you prepare yourself well then you canconverse with confidence. While in conversation with a girl of your choice you can learn a lot as well.But you should not worry because simple steps can teach you how to talk to girls and can boost yourconfidence.

You will hesitate but do it anyway

You can feel hesitation as talking to a girl can be scary if you are new to it. You might feel sweaty orshaky but it now or never, you need to go and talk.

Know your intentions

You just need to be a man, not a kid. If you like her and if you want to know her better, then ask her fora date. You can ask her for a movie, dinner date and like this, you can extend the conversation.

Be ready for rejection

Yes, it is real. You might face it many times. This is a common answer a girl gives to a stranger boy. But ifyou do not ask then you would never know.


It is important to have a conversation in real between you and your girl. But you have technology byyour side. If you hesitate a lot then you can start a conversation on text or voice call. Therefore
technology can help set up a date.

Reaffirm your plans

After setting up a date plan do not forget to send a text while you are leaving for the venue. Don’t foolyourself by thinking that she will be very excited to date you. Just be normal and be in touch with herbefore the date as well.

Go in for a side hug

This is a gesture that can streamline your conversation and will create a friendly atmosphere. So whenyou see her try giving her a hug. It will make her feel closure to you and would convey your feelings.

Give her compliments

It is but natural that girls like compliments. So compliment her hairs, dressing sense, and way of talking, etc to make her feel special.You tend to get nervous while talking to a girl who is not your friends or whose response affects you. Butit is a normal human behavior. To cope up with such a situation we have mentioned several tips for ourreader. We believe following these will enhance your confidence.

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