How to tell someone that you like them – 7 Easy Tips

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How to tell someone that you like them

How to tell someone that you like them  ? If you like someone then this is a big question for you. It is important to communicate your message and feelings in right manner otherwise it can attract rejection. You at one side madly in love with that person and she does not know anything about your feeling. Then it becomes imperative to tell her before you get late. There is another reason why you hesitate to tell them that you like them. It might be your conviction about your thought.

You are not sure whether you like them or not in such a way. In this age of social media dating we are sometime reluctant to show our feeling upfront. People often worry about rejections or to be in a situation where in their act become laughable. But we suggest if you have decided to tell her then you should march forward. In this article, we are going to mention about steps through which you can tell them that you like them.

It’s not a big deal

Convince yourself that what you are doing is correct. It is not bad to convey your feelings and it is legal as well. But you just need to keep in mind that you do it in a way that does not hurt her. You might think that she is your friend and this can have a negative repercussion on your friendship. You need to think that every situation is different and you should be ready for it.

Decide the mode

In the current age of technology, it comes as a savior many times. It gives you liberty to communicate your message even if you are not present there. Hence you need to decide whether to tell them in person or through a text message.

Finalize Your Moment

You are eagerly desperate for a positive answer. Hence it would be better to text her when she is free if you are saying by phone. If you want to does it in person then look for a peaceful place nearby where you can sit and spill your heart out in front of her. This is very important as girls never forget these moments so it is your responsibility to make it special.


If you have a long time crush on someone then you should tell them quickly without wasting any more time.

Keep it secret

You like them by it but it is not equally important to other. Therefore it would be appropriate not tell many other and keep it within yourself. Yes it is normal to tell your few close friends.

Ask them out

You can ask them to go for outing and there in free and relaxing time you can convey your feelings.

Give them space

Once you have told them that you like them then give proper time to respond. You should not rush for the answer. It is always good to do it in natural manner.

Prepare yourself for rejection

It is important as not always they would have same feeling that you have for them. But life goes on so you should be ready for all sorts of outcomes.

In the end we would like to mention that following these steps would make your task of conveying your feeling easier. Hence these are instrumental for the process of transforming your feeling in words.

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