8 Best Signs to tell if a girl likes you

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Signs to tell if a girl likes you

Signs to tell if a girl likes you  ? In this time cheating is common in the relationship and you never trust anyone. But on the other side, many people actually love someone and care about them. Sometimes boys hesitate to ask for the date to the girl because they don’t what is girl thinks about him. If you like any girl and wanted to know she also like you or not then read this article till the end. When girls are also interested in you then in this situation you will see some changes on your crush. Here we will discuss some signs to tell if a girl likes you.

Her body language

When you look at your crush then you will realize that she pull her stomach in, and stand taller. This is the sign that tell she impress you and also interested in you. Whenever she notices that you look at her she changes her body posture and try to impress you. She points her feet toward you when she stands in front of you.

She smiles at you

When the girl smiles at seeing you means it has more meaning.  But when a girl sees you and smiles in a shy way in this time her eyes say more than the word.

She maintains contact with you

This is clearly signed when the girl maintains contact with you daily. She calls and messages you for any lame reason and wants to talk to you. She adds you to social media accounts after you met and stay in touch with you. This is a sign that she likes you a little bit.

She cares about you

No matter she is your colleagues, classmate, and friend, when a girl likes you then she always takes care of your likes and dislikes. She tries to wear your favorite color dress and take care of your lunch. And additionally, always ask to you for lunch or coffee.

She seems fidgety

This is another sign to know that your crush likes you or not. If she likes you then she feels fidgety when she is talking to you. The sign she is doing while talking to you- blushing, hand wringing, hair tossing, etc.

She asks you a lot of questions

If a girl interested in you then she wants to know about your life and family and everything that is related to you. When she talks to you then she asks so many questions and listens very carefully.

She tries to make a plan with you

When girls like you she wants to spend quality time with you. She makes a plan with you and sometimes she gives you a gift. If she calls you and says hang out with you then it is the sign she actually like you.

She laughs on your joke or bad joke too 

Not everyone laughs on your bad joke but when girls like you then she laughs on your lame jokes because she never wants that you get disappointed.

If you are also noticing the same sign on any girl it means she likes you and you can say her for date and propose her.

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