Signs you’re in Friend zone – 5 Easy Tips to know

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Signs you’re in Friend zone , not a boyfriend

Friend Zone ? When a girlfriend zones you then it becomes a nightmare for you. However, it does not happen frequently. Usually, a girl or women maintains clarity within the relationship.

Even if you like her and you are great friends it is possible that she can friend zone you. Getting a friend zone from your love can be disheartening. It is her choice and you cannot force you. We suggest you take the first exit once you start to feel that she is going to friend zone you. The bigger question remains is how would you know that she thinks in this manner for you. To tackle that situation more appropriately we have come with few attributes which can help you in predicting her signs you are friend not a boyfriend.

If there is Absolutely No Physical Contact

When you like and love someone, your heart and brain want to touch her in a good way. You do not need to be a loving Guru to predict this human nature. So if she pulls your hand away from her shoulder or behaves similarly if you touch her anywhere else then my friend is going to friend zone you. And even if she does not reciprocate your act of touching her then also you should understand her clear intention that she wants you as a friend only.

When You Invite Her Out, She Invites Other People Along

You like her and you may want to know her better but she does not feel the same way. How would you know it? Let’s suppose you ask her out to spend quality time with her and she brings her friends with her, it means she is not willing to spend time alone with you. It would give you a clear understanding of her thoughts about you. If you guys do not meet alone and always meet in a group then it is better to take an early exit.

If she introduces you as s friend

This is something no man is willing to listen to from a woman he loves. If she treats you like this then it is a clear message to you. In such a scenario it would be better to accept the fact and start thinking otherwise.

If She Talks About Other Guys

Of course, it would be a dead-end for you if she starts talking about other men and what she thinks about them to you. Then it is clear that she does not want you as her lover and you are going to befriend zone soon.

She Doesn’t Care About Her Appearance

Any girl, who wants to attract men, cares about her appearance. She always tries to look as beautiful and charming as she can. Her behavior and way of talking change when she talks to a person she adores. But if your crush does not care about her clothing and styling then it is clear that she does not have an interest in attracting you.


Yes, we agree it is next to impossible to understand a woman’s heart and mind but there can be a sign that can help understand how and what they think. So by using a few simple tips regarding human behavior, we can find the right time to exit the friendship with a girl that you like. It would save you from disappointment of the friend zone.

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