Start A Conversation With A Guy – How To Do It Properly

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Start A Conversation With A Guy – How To Do It Properly?

In general, girls feel hesitation to start a conversation with a guy. Our society has made this norm that a
guy always initiates everything, conversation as well. However, the time has come that we break such
rules and take the situation in our control. I mean why to wait for the guy to initiate the conversation
when we like them? Moreover, guys like when girls approach them and take an interest in their
conversation. Therefore, let’s learn in this context as to how to do it in the right way?

Ask for recommendations

The best way to start a conversation is to ask about a song or album or the club name. Moreover, when
girls take the help of guys, it makes them feel like an alpha male. They love to help you with the best
restaurant they know or the bar they have been to. Besides this, it can start a good conversation like the
other person is going to ask you about further things. For example, if you have asked about the song,
then he will tell you what songs he likes or ask why do you like that song? In simple words, the
recommendation thing is an excellent tip.

Compliment him

Do you know what guys like the most? When a girl compliments him, especially by the girl they like. As
you know, guys usually don’t get as many compliments as girls do. Therefore, when the other person
changes his profile picture, then compliment him.
Moreover, if he even posted a new picture on any social media, then make sure you like it. One thing
you need t to consider is that go crazy and like every picture on their social media account. It makes you
look like a desperate person for attention. Apart from this, you can complement the guy in person
whenever he looks extra good on a particular day.

Ask for favor

Guys feel dominant when girls ask them to help, and you can take advantage of their attitude. For
example, you are in the office and want to move your desk. Just call the guy and asked him to help you
to move the desk. Moreover, in this way, you can get a little close to him, and he will notice you as well.
Also, asking favor can be about anything like picking up a new laptop or asking for help at work. Girls, in
general, can ask help for almost anything, and men around us never resist.

Make suggestions

As long as you are not too bossy, girls like your advice. Therefore, pass ideas to him when it seems the
right time to do it. For example, you can tell him to wear a shirt differently or maybe go for a much
cooler watch. Moreover, it shows that you are taking an interest in him.


For girls, it is easy to initiate the conversation as we have many different ways to do it. Therefore, go for
the above tips and impress the man you like. Make him feel special by paying attention to him.

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