The Cycle of Flirt-Love-Breakup-Reconciliation

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The Cycle of Flirt-Love-Breakup-Reconciliation

Love is very complicated, especially when you are with someone who isn’t sure about his feelings. Getting mixed feelings from your partners is frustrating as sometimes they act like you mean the world to him.  While sometimes, they act like you don’t matter to him. Therefore, many people get in the cycle of flirt-love-breakup-reconciliation. These are the different stages of understanding and being in a relationship. So, let’s discuss it in detail.

First Stage – Flirt

It all starts with a flirt, right? You meet someone new and have a crush on them. After that, the cycle of flirting starts, and then you guys started dating each other.  In this stage, everything seems beautiful; you keep on thinking about the other person.

Moreover, you guys spend a lot of time chatting with each other on the phone. The staring of any relationship always seems beautiful until it feels doesn’t.  Moreover, both people try to impress others by working on their appearance and complementing each other.

Second Stage – Love

When you guys start catching feelings for each other and suddenly realize that you are in love. For many people, this is the best feeling ever. In this stage, people start confessing their love for each other and starting doing things the other person likes. People go on a date, spend time alone, and started living with each other. Moreover, there is going to be romance, commitment, promises, and love dovy talk.

Third Stage – Breakup

There is always a “Hi” and then a very sad “bye.” This stage of a relationship is the most difficult one to go through. Now the honeymoon period is over, and both the people have started getting issues with each other. Many times, one person lost interest while the other one has it.

Furthermore, partners won’t be comfortable with each other, and it turns into conflicts. Therefore, arguments, fights, indifferences, ego, all these things lead to a breakup. However, some people get over it quickly, while for others, it is an eternal pain.

Fourth and last stage – Reconciliation

In simple terms, it is known as getting back together. However, many popular might not experience this stage as, for some; the third one is the last.  But for those who make it to this stage, struggle to make the relationship like before it was. Moreover, in his stage, the couple starts dating and talking with each other again. They try to reduce differences and start working on the relationship again. After all the “no contact period” and fights, they finally decide to see each other.

Moreover, the stage is all about building up a relationship again from the scarp. The couples aim to figure out the mistakes they have done earlier and not to repeat them. Some people get passed in this stage while some get failed. Each one has different experiences in it, and thus things work in this way.


I hope the context of the cycle of flirt-love-breakup- reconciliation has helped you to understand the different phases of a relationship. Get through them and see in which stage you are in the current situation?

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