8 Best Ways to say I’m Sorry

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Ways to say I’m sorry

It is easy to make a mistake but difficult to say sorry. The word sorry help you to repair your broken relationship with someone. The mistake destroys your relationship and friendship. When you make a big mistake then you need to say I’m sorry in a very attractive way to impress your partner. Here you will read some best way to say sorry in a different way. The word I’m sorry is not fit for every situation so here you will learn many ways to say sorry. Without wasting your time lets start the way of saying sorry.

  1. I’m sorry

This is a very common way to say sorry and many people are using it. When you say this word means you are expressing feeling regret about your mistake. This way is used when they make small mistakes like to drop coffee or tea on someone’s clothes etc. When you add the word sincerely or extremely then it means you say sorry in polite and requested way.

  1. I apologize

This is another way to say sorry and you can use this word in any formal situation. On the other hand, you can use this word in an informal situation too. In order to say different and unique ways to say sorry which a few people use and you can easily impress your partner.

  1. Its all my fault

When you say sorry in this way then you will show your sincerity. You are taking all blame on you and accept that you did this mistake. When you accept your all mistake then it is easy to persuade your partner.

  1. Beg pardon

This is the phrase, and you can use this phrase when you cut someone’s conversation. When you cut someone’s conversation or interrupt someone then it is not good. So you need to say sorry in this way in that situation.

  1. Forgive me

This is the best way to say sorry because when you use this phrase you grant reemission or say pardon. You can use this way in formal and informal both situation and you can easily save your friendship.

  1. Excuse me

This is also a way to say sorry and you can use this word when you interrupt someone in mid-conversation. It is basically a social no-no and you say excuse me when you don’t make any mistake.

  1. My bad

It is a slang word to say sorry and it is a casual way and you can use this word among friends. If you make a little crash or bump with someone on the road then you can use this word my bad to let them know that you accept your fault.

  1. Mea culpa

This is a Latin slang word and today many people are using this word. People are using this phrase to apologize or accept and take responsibility for their fault or what they have done the mistake.

I hope this article help you to say sorry in a different way. If you ever make mistake then don’t worry learn this attractive and new way to say sorry and save your relationship, friendship, etc.

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